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The Collective Bargaining Team is dedicated and committed to the belief that teachers and school staff can make a significant contribution to improving public education to provide our children with the best opportunities to master the skills they will need to succeed.

Through passion and advocacy, by supporting and retaining qualified teachers and school staff, active involvement in the professional development of our members, by working to reduce class size and restoring civility to our classrooms, to use the contract and its legal foundations to protect and enhance the guarantees afforded members of a trade union, with an emphasis on community coalition building and political action, we can ensure that those will be advanced and delivered to future generations of members, students and the communities where we collectively live and learn.

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Strong. Experienced. Effective Leadership

Since 2012, the PFT has been faced with unprecedented attacks on the working conditions and rights of Philly’s educators. The PFT’s Collective Bargaining Team has been fighting to protect every PFT member from these attacks, while working to ensure that our schoolchildren receive all the programs and services they deserve.

The CB Team has provided steady leadership to the union, protecting the rights, benefits and working conditions of PFT members. The CB Team has:

  • Successfully negotiated four contracts, even while Philly’s schools were under financial distress and under state control. Despite these conditions, these contracts have preserved PFT members’ benefits and workplace rights.
  • Negotiated with the District to provide top-notch benefits for Philly’s educators.
  • Retained the Senior Career Teacher language in the PFT contract, along with step and lane increases.
  • Provided reknown ER&D/Professional Development programs for educators that have been studied and copied by districts and unions outside of Philadelphia.

CB Team leadership and supporters

Have long been proponents of proactive measures to ensure that all students, teachers and school staff are afforded a supportive and safe learning and working environment.
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